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KERMENE – Automation and computerization of the Saint Jacut du Mene site

KERMENE, a major player in the slaughter, cutting and processing of meat products, structured its development and chose to segment its activities by specializing its units, including the site of Saint Jacut du Mené in the Côtes d’Armor.

Fives Syleps has been selected to reorganize the site’s order picking process.

The site
  • The Kermené Unit, Saint Jacut du Mené (22)
  • Slaughter, cutting and deboning of pigs and oxen
  • 6 production centers in Brittany
  • Supply of 550 E.LECLERC stores
The challenge
  • Restructuring the unit to support the growth of the company
The Fives Syleps solution

Automatic transfer of bins on CILS conveyors

Automated storage with 60 shuttles, capacity of 26,000 bins


Inventory management, order picking, shipments, piloting mechanized processes

5 multi-load poly-articulated robots handling bins of various formats (capacity: 40 kg)

Automated robotic palletization

The results

Increased Reactivity in the Treatment of Short DLC Products

Productivity gains

Zero human manipulation

Reduced hardship and operating costs

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