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SVA – Computerization and automation of Vitré’s unit

The company Vitréenne d’Abattage Jean Rozé is one of the main meat processing operators in France and supplies the banners of the Les Mousquetaires group.

Among its many slaughter sites, mainly located in Brittany, the Vitré site has benefited from large investments for the optimization of order picking and the cutting workshop.

Fives Syleps successfully implemented a complete and powerful solution for computerization and automation of the slaughterhouse.

The site
  • Production plant situated in Vitré (35)
  • Butchery processing and preservation
  • 250,000 tons
  • 3650 employees
The challenge
  • Meet customer requirements in terms of product quality and delivery times
The Fives Syleps solution

Automatic transfer of bins on CILS conveyors

Automated storage with 42 storage shuttles, maximum capacity 14,400 bins


Inventory management, order picking, shipments, piloting mechanized processes

Detail preparation workshop with many criteria of choice of parts

Traceability to the bag

3 poly-articulated robots handling mono-format bins (capacity: 30 kg)

Other case studies
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