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Warehouse Management (WMS)

The SU WMS software package ensures optimal management of the warehouse functions, regardless of your logistics organization: industrial logistics, central platforms, hub platforms, regional warehouses or local depots.

Equipped with a rich functional cover, SU makes optimizing all the logistics processes of a platform, from the reception of the goods to the expeditions and the transport. Flexible and scalable application, it supports you for maximum efficiency of your warehouse logistics: productivity, quality of service, traceability and optimization of warehouse resources.

Improved logistics performance:

Improved logistics performance:

30 standard processes designed to increase efficiency.
Reduced operating costs:

Reduced operating costs:

better planning, traceability, management of human and material resources.
Increased productivity:

Increased productivity:

reduced displacements, ergonomic positions, simplified tasks, ...
Adaptation to different distribution modes:

Adaptation to different distribution modes:

B to B, E-commerce, store supply or internal services.
  • Reception

    Material input management (multi-feed: purchase orders, trading, production output, inter-site transfer, returns, transits)
  • Inventory management

    Multi units and multi-variants (parts, packages, layers, pallets) - Location management, inventories, optimal management of spaces
  • Preparation of commands

    Pre-packing and pallet calculation, determination of preparation processes by level of performance
  • Expeditions

    Transport plan, control, regrouping / merger, loading
  • Traceability

    Integral from input to output: materials, logistics flows, processes, operators
  • Reliable and effective real-time indicators on Smartphone and tablet

    Responsive management of the logistics activity by the D2E tool (Dynamic Screen Designer): creation of indicators and dashboards adapted to the needs of each business pilot (variability of the demand, performance of workshop and operator positions, monitoring rate service, utilization rate, productivity, ...).
  • Continuous improvement of order picking processes

    Graphical modeling of business processes with the MDP tool, Data Modeler and Process.