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SAVEOL – Warehouse Management

Savéol is the French leader in the field of tomato sales.

Founded in 1981 following the merger of two cooperatives in the Brest region, the “Groupement Maraîcher Brestois (GMB)” and the “Coopérative La Presqu’île (PQI)”, both specialized in tomatoes, it has since diversified its activity to to produce strawberries and cucumbers.

The site
  • Location Plougastel Daoulas
  • Turnover of € 197 million
  • 120 market gardeners
  • 2500 jobs
  • 256 hectares of greenhouses
  • 82,000 tons of tomatoes
  • 2,000 tons of strawberries
  • 130 associations supported by donations of local products
The challenge
  • Facing the steady rise in the product portfolio
  • Respond to customer requests or requirements
The Fives Syleps solution

SU - WMS Software

Upstream and downstream traceability of products (from receipt to shipment through packaging and consolidation operations)

Stock management:

  1. Valuation of products upon receipt
  2. Knowledge and real-time vision of products and their locations
  3. Management of the living product and its characteristics

SU Software - Order Preparation

  • Piloting preparation picking
  • Picking preparation follow-up
  • Operator Activity
  • Process time
  • Shipped volume
The results
Quality products

Product valuations for producers

Customer quality

Valorisation of order preparation processes in relation to the respect of customer requirements

Integral steering

Computer control of order preparation processes

Other case studies
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