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MULTALER – Mechanization and Warehouse Management

A pioneer of aesthetic aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Yon-ka (Laboratoires Multaler) has developed an original approach that has resulted in a range of beauty products distributed in beauty salons, spas and other fitness centers around the world.

Fives Syleps was chosen by Multaler laboratories to equip its logistics platform in Argenteuil (95).

The site
  • The logistics platform, Multaler, Argenteuil (95)
  • Facial, body and sun care products
  • 3 subsidiaries and distribution in 50 countries and 5,000 spas and beauty institutes
  • 130 employees including 80 in France
The challenge
  • Rethinking order picking and optimizing warehouse management
The Fives Syleps solution


Warehouse Management

Parcel preparation details by "Pick to light"

Automated handling on conveyors

Picking stations, weight control at the station

The results

Rigor in the management of reserved stocks

High productivity

Improvement of working conditions

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