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MONIQUE RANOU – Mechanization and Computerization of the production unit of St Evarzec

A private label producer for the Intermarché group, Monique RANOU is the 2nd national player in the self-service delicatessen, with a production volume of 40,000 tonnes.

In order to meet the requirements of large retailers, deadlines, costs and compliance with traceability standards are key components that a company must adopt.

To enable the company RANOU to reach a high level of service, FIVES SYLEPS has responded to a project concerning the reorganization of the site of St Evarzec by an original and adapted process solution including the management of production and the transport of loose products in washed environment.

The site
  • Production unit Monique RANOU, St Evarzec (29)
  • Production of meat products: hams, pâtés and sausages
  • Production area: 31,000 m²
  • 580 employees
The challenge
  • Gain productivity and maintain a high level of competitiveness
The Fives Syleps solution

Automation and mechanization of transfers on conveyors CILS

Reception and sorting by technological classification of hams (weight, ph, aspect)

Bunk stacker cranes

Identification of bins by RFID

SU Production

Piloting of the robotic and mechanized system of the production lines, quality criteria, calculations of the production costs, needs and follow-up of the yields, …

The results
Optimisation significative du rendement à tous les niveaux du process
Productivity gain of 20%
Total traceability without error

Innovation traceability award

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