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ELOCA CHATRES – Mechanization of the order picking platform

The Army has equipped its logistics site “clothing” with a mechanized order preparation facility. This site is a true e-commerce logistic center for all professionals of the French armies for their individual equipment.

The site
  • Establishment of Châtres (10)
  • More than 1500 orders / day – 8000 lines
The challenge
  • To go from an “artisanal” method to an industrial method. The parcels were prepared by operators who circulated in all the aisles of the warehouse. The goal was to set up a mechanized chain to improve productivity while reducing hardship.
The Fives Syleps solution

Mechanized chain with cardboard formers (2 models)

20 picking stations

Weight control

Automatic delivery of delivery notes

WCS driving the line in connection with the WMS

The results

Increased productivity

Improvement of working conditions

100 %

Service rate: 100% of insured deliveries

Other case studies
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