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MANITOU – Mechanization of Ancenis Spare Parts Platform

MANITOU, world leader in all-terrain handling, today offers the most important range of the market, in 3 main sectors of activity: construction, agriculture and industry.

In order to face the constant increase of its activity and to gain reactivity and flexibility to ensure deliveries on time, MANITOU chose Fives Syleps for the implementation of a system of conveyors of bins and parcels equipping the 25,000 m² logistic platform of Ancenis (44).

The site
  • The Manitou logistics platform, Ancenis (44)
  • Global Logistics Center for Spare Parts
  • 23 subsidiaries and 600 points of sale
  • More than 1500 employees
The challenge
  • Control the flow of goods and ensure a high level of service to customers
The Fives Syleps solution

WCS driving conveyors

Conveyors connecting all workstations

Inspection and packing receipt, all areas of stock, picking, packing, sorting shipment

Process Goods to Man

Picking stations of preparation at details and order checkpoints and packing

Weighing shipping and closing parcels by strapping, sorter shipping multi-destinations

The results

Reduction of operator paths

Better ergonomics of workstations

Perfect control of the flow of the reception to the expeditions

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