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Fives Syleps designs, manufactures and integrates meat quality measuring devices whose mission is to valorize the raw material as early as possible in the processing process of meat products.

Generally connected to production management computer systems, these devices remain essential elements for traceability processes in pig slaughter and processing units.

PH remains one of the essential technological criteria for characterizing the quality of hams. Its measurement, combined with the acquisition of complementary data such as color and its weight, makes possible to perform an efficient selection of a hams populations according to different technological classes adapted to the downstream processing process.

The process, developed by Fives Syleps, is unique; it combines the precise and fast measurement of the pH of each ham (1000 measurements / hour) with an automatic sorting operation. It guarantees the supplier a reliable answer adapted to specifications. It provides the processor with optimum material yield by reducing cooking exudates and slicing losses.

Our solutions